Joey Graziadei Announced as Season 28 Bachelor


Charity Lawson is passing the bouquet of roses to Joey Graziadei.

During After the Final Rose on Monday, August 21, Jesse Palmer announced Joey, 28, will be the star of season 28 of The Bachelor.

“[It’s] definitely surreal. It is sinking in very slowly, but I am trying my best just to stay present, enjoy it,” Joey said. “But it’s crazy. I’ll be the first person to say. I never expected this at all. [I] didn’t know this is what my life was turning into. Crazy stuff! … I put [looking for The One on] the back burner for a while I’m ready to prioritize it again.”

Earlier during Monday’s episode, Charity got emotional as she stopped Joey before he got down on one knee because she had stronger feelings for Dotun Olubeko.

Joey Graziadei Announced as Season 28 Bachelor Charity Lawson
ABC/Craig Sjodin

“Sharing this journey with you has been far more than I could have ever asked for. And when I think and look at our love, it is so special. It’s rare, and people search their whole lives looking for something like this. And when I look into your eyes, I’m reminded of how you always put me first. And you’ve been very consistent in the love that you’ve shown. And those things, I’ve never experienced before. I never doubted, never questioned how deep our love is. I know it’s there. And I feel it. But …” Charity said before she started crying. “As crazy as it sounds, I’ve found love that’s deeper with someone else. And it won’t make sense in this moment, and — it’s hard to get these words out. Because the truth is, Joey, that I am in love with you. … I’m truly broken and I know this is hard for you.”

Joey comforted Charity, telling her: “I just want you to be happy, that’s all. And this is one step closer to you being happy.”

During AFR, Joey reiterated that he would always “have love” for Charity.

“It’s something that I can’t even explain to someone else,” he said. “This was your story and as I said that day, I felt lucky to be part of it, so thank you for everything. And you know I wish you and whatever happens next, nothing but the best.”

Joey Graziadei Announced as Season 28 Bachelor
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

For those who didn’t watch Charity’s season, Joey is a tennis pro who relocated to Koloa, Hawaii, after graduating from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. “As the Bachelor, [Joey] is looking for a life partner who is outgoing, caring, and shares his love for adventure and exploring the outdoors,” ABC said in a press release on Monday. “He loves hiking, surfing and ending his days watching the sunset but knows he has much more love to give, and the only thing missing is someone with whom to share his life.”

Joey’s journey will likely start airing in January 2024. ABC announced earlier on Monday that The Golden Bachelor, starring Gerry Turner, will premiere on Thursday, September 28, at 8 p.m. ET followed by season 9 of Bachelor in Paradise at 9 p.m. ET.


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