‘Big Brother’ Gets a New Houseguest During Season 25 Premiere


Big Brother’ Announces a 17th Houseguest Will Enter the Game for Season 25
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Big Brother fans can certainly expect the unexpected because a new contestant entered the game during the season 25 premiere.

“Surprise, guess who’s back? It is me, Cirie, from Survivor seasons 12, 16, 20 and 34,” Cirie Fields revealed in a Wednesday, August 2, clip posted to the official Big Brother Twitter page. “If you don’t know me, you’re about to get to know me on Big Brother.”

Big Brother captioned the post: Surprise… The #BB25 Multiverse releases another twist…A 17th houseguest … #BBCirie from @survivorcbs!”

Hours before the premiere and live move-in on Wednesday, the reality show hinted that a 17th player would be entering the game days after confirming there would be 16 participants this season.

“🚨 BREAKING NEWS 🚨 The #BB25 multiverse will release a mystery 17th HG,” the reality series’ official Twitter page teased. “What’s your guess for who it is? 👀.”

Fans flocked to the comments section to share their guesses on the identity of the mysterious houseguest. One popular name mentioned was 53-year Cirie. When the cast was officially announced on Monday, July 31, it was revealed that Cirie’s son Jared was one of the 16 houseguests. Before entering the house, Jared, 25, told fans via an Instagram Reel on the show’s official page that his mom was a “Survivor legend.”

Cirie competed on the competition series four times including 2006’s Panama, 2008’s Micronesia, 2010’s Heroes Vs. Villains and 2017’s Game Changers. Jared briefly appeared on the Game Changers season as his mom’s loved one.

Despite never winning Survivor, Cirie has been deemed one of the greatest players to have never taken home the million-dollar prize. Earlier this year, Cirie was crowned the champion of another show — the first season of Peacock’s The Traitors. Following her win, Cirie exclusively told Us Weekly about how she is a fan of Big Brother and had dreamed of competing on the series.

“I would love to go on Big Brother! I think if I would’ve done Big Brother first — when I say that to the Survivor people, they say, ‘No, you’re supposed to come on Survivor,” she told Us in January. “I feel like if I’d have went on Big Brother first, hands down I would’ve won.”

Another potential guess made by fans was that fan-favorite Britney Haynes could be returning to the game. Prior to the cast’s unveiling, Britney, 35, Frankie Grande and Danielle Reyes broke into the house with a time laser to try to fix their mistakes from their previous games. However, the alums’ plan didn’t pan out like they expected and seemingly unleashed a new twist into the house.

While Big Brother fans were excited by the idea of Britney’s return, she took to Twitter on Wednesday to debunk theories that she was entering the game. She shared a picture of herself holding a piece of paper with Wednesday’s date edited on it from when she competed on the Amazing Race alongside fellow Big Brother alum Janelle Pierzina.

“To dispel the rumors, I am obliging to the request of a picture of me holding today’s newspaper,” she teased while poking fun at Janelle who famously told fans she was going to Greece before she sequestered before appearing on Big Brother 14. “This is just how they look in Greece.”


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